Why was Max Credit Ratings developed?

Steve & Sally are not very organised with their finances. They earn good incomes but spend freely and are frequently behind on credit cards payments, utility and other bills. They are now purchasing a home and have qualified for a loan of $750,000 at a good interest rate.

You may also currently be in the market for a new home at present and have a great record with repayments on your credit cards, utilities and other bills. However, you are not as keen to over extend and only wish to borrow $400,000 to purchase your new home. Under the previous system, your interest rate will likely be more than Steve and Sally’s as they are borrowing more money. Seems unfair doesn’t it!


It’s April 2018, and whilst this may have been the case in the past, this is changing.


Australia’s Credit Rating system has long lagged behind most other developed nations, which we believe has been to the detriment of those, like you, who have a good credit history.  The data available at the Credit Bureau has simply not been sufficient to establish you as a great borrower and therefore offer you the preferential pricing on your mortgage that you deserve.

In March 2014, legislation was passed to enable more comprehensive information to be collected by the Credit Bureau that could prove your great credit history.  However, major banks were slow to feed this information to the Credit Bureau’s, so the benefits were not being seen by borrowers like you.


Enter Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, who in November 2017 mandated major banks to supply this information and placed some strict timelines on them to comply.


“For Borrowers, this regime should lead to one thing – a better deal on your mortgage, your personal loan or business loan” Scott Morrison, Federal Treasurer.


More comprehensive credit information on borrowers in other developed nations has resulted in preferential pricing for those with good credit histories.  In Australia, the same opportunities will soon be available, but most Australians are unaware of:

  • How the new system of credit ratings works in Australia?
  • Whether they have a good credit rating and may be missing out on the benefits?
  • What to do to improve their credit rating in order to get a better deal?

Max Credit Ratings has been developed to answer these questions and set you up for a better deal.

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