Why should I care what my credit rating says?

'Why should I care what my credit rating says’?  I don't care about my future ‘financial footprint’ and I'm happy to wander around leaving whatever footprint I want'.  Whilst there has always been disadvantages, these will now be magnified.

If you have a poor credit rating, you may find it harder to be able to borrow money and, should you get someone to give you a loan, your interest rate will reflect this attitude.

To give you the heads up, the bank doesn't care.  They simply charge a higher interest rate and make more money from you.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you wish to give yourself the best shot at being approved for a loan and getting a great loan interest rate in the future, there is a way.


So, what can you do to find out your current Credit Rating says about you?  Well, you can apply yourself to the Credit Bureau and wait 14 days to receive a limited information report.

Or, you can pay $80 for the full information from the Credit Bureau.  If you have never laid eyes on this information before, sure you’ll recognise some of the information, but overall it will likely be gobbledegook, so the information will be diligently filed and no further action taken.

So, what can you  do to improve your credit rating and have a better financial future?   That's where we can help.


At Max Credit Ratings, we:

  • can obtain your full information from the Credit Bureau,
  • explain what it all means and then take the most important step,
  • advise you what to do to maximise your credit rating and give you the best chance of success with your finances in the future.



Even a good Credit Rating can be improved to make it great, meaning you will not miss out on preferential interest rates on your loans and pay your loan off sooner.


So, who can we best help?  if you are thinking that at some point you'd like to borrow some money or you may already have some

loans, then we can help you.  If you are curious to understand what your current financial footprint looks like and how this can be improved, then the steps are easy.

Simply apply online, pick a time for us to call and explain your credit rating and let’s get started.


The road to financial benefit is waiting for you.  You just need to take the first step.


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