What Does Your Credit Rating Say About You?

Max Credit Ratings credit card

Imagine the damage that could be done to your financial reputation if the information on your Credit Rating is incorrect?  You could be:

  • getting a 'no' instead of a 'yes' to your next loan.
  • paying a higher interest rate costing you thousands in unnecessary interest.
  • suffering from poor records of your credit showing issues which has been resolved long ago.

Have you checked that your Credit Rating contains the correct information about you?

At Max Credit Ratings, we can help.  We will obtain your Credit Rating for you.  We will ring you and help you understand the information.  If the information is incorrect, we can provide the steps required to make the corrections.


Remember, your financial future will be heavily impacted by this information.  Spend the time speaking with us and let us help you have a strong and accurate Credit Rating.

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