Does the recent political upheaval directly impact you? You bet you it does!

Recent political upheaval - Scott Morrison - New Prime Minister - Max Credit Ratings

Many of you may have been watching recent political events unfold and wondering if this has any direct impact on you.  Well given our new Prime Minister has stepped out of the role of Treasurer and gone the next step up, the answer is 'Yes'.

In previous blogs and on the Max Credit Ratings site, we've used a quote from Scott Morrison in his former role as Federal Treasurer stressing his commitment to the system where information on YOUR credit rating will soon be shared.

Instead of this information remaining only with your current bank, this data will be available, and any potential new lender will be able to view details such as your repayment history.


The good news is the slight delay to this system commencing which gives you the opportunity to understand YOUR current Credit Rating.  What does it say about you?  What does this information mean if you are looking to apply for a loan?  How can you improve your Credit Rating to benefit you?

This is where we come in.  At Max Credit Ratings, you can request we obtain this information free of charge on your behalf.  Its quick and easy.  We will then ring and after identifying you, be able to provide you with a copy of your rating but more importantly, explain the rating to you.  We can even give some suggestions as to how this rating can be improved.  If much like the system in USA, the new regime means lenders will offer better interest rates for a superior credit rating, you will be the winner.

Speak with us today and let us help you to get on top of your credit rating to enjoy the benefits today.

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