Learn how to maximise your Credit Rating

Learn how to maximise your Credit Rating

Free Credit Rating

Personalised Analysis

Improved Credit Rating

Complimentary Credit Rating

Personalised Analysis

Improved Credit Rating

1. Learn Your History

Discover information on:

Your repayment history

What's recorded about you

Any nasties recorded


Knowing the information recorded about you is vital to understanding your current credit rating.

2. Understand The Now

Learn about:

Your current credit rating

What you can do to improve

What's changing that can help you


The biggest changes to the credit rating system in Australia in the last 30 years are now in place. You need to know how this works to benefit you.

3. Maximise Your Future

Receive advice on:

How to maximise your credit rating

How to get better interest rates on your loans

The benefits of a maximised credit rating


The process is simple.

We source the data and provide the advice.

You benefit!


Our 3 step process to maximise your credit rating.

Step 1: Enter Basic Details

Enter some basic details and we will source your Credit Rating. At the same time, nominate when to receive your complimentary advice call.

Step 2: Your Free Analysis Call

This is where you get an understanding of what your Credit Rating means for you and how you can benefit.

Step 3: The Action Plan

Advice on what you need to do and how we can assist.

What others are saying about our system.

“Wow.  I never knew how my credit rating could help me so much!  Thanks to Max Credit Ratings for this great service. I’ll be telling all of my friends.”

- Eva C.

“Now I know what I need to do to take my credit rating from good to great.  I know this will help me with my next loan.”

- Mackenzie G.

“Given I will be working towards my first home, I feel confident the information and advice provided in this process means I’m on the right track.”

- Blake H.

Reap the benefits of a higher credit rating, start today!

“For borrowers, this regime should lead to one thing - a better deal on your mortgage, your personal loan, or business loan.”

- Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, 2 November 2017